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SILMAS Project: the web site is on line

SILMAS Project: the web site is on line

SILMAS, for Sustainable Instruments for Lakes Management in the Alpine Space, is a European project on the alpine lakes. 14 partners of 5 alpine space countries work as a network to reach three objectives:

  • share ideas and experience across a European network;
  • produce concrete tools to help stakeholders;
  • raise public awareness of the need to protect lake environment.

Over a three-year period, scientists, academics and technicians from the public authorities in charge of managing the lakes will pool their knowledge, with a particular focus on three main areas:

  1. The effects of climate change on the Alpine lakes;
  2. Resolving conflicts between the different uses of the lakes;
  3. 3. Educating the public in sustainable development as it relates to the Alpine lakes.

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