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Last update: 04/11/2011

The Directorate-General for trade, Tourism and services of the Lombardy Region is the Italian lead institution taking part in the Alpine space project InnoCité, making good use of scientific and technical support supplied by IREALP. The project started in October 2008 and will end in June 2011.

Objective of the project. How can we increase the competitiveness of small/medium sized towns affected by the influence of large urban centres of Alpine area? The InnoCité project intends to respond to this central question, in particular through the proposition and the "field testing" of a series of tools for local representatives for public and economic policies. These instruments will be accompanied by the introduction of participatory methods which will integrate different decision makers and managers (political, economic, administrative, urban planners, etc..) in a public-private partnership.

Project partners:
- CCI de Lyon – Lead institution (FR)
Direction Commerce, Services à la Personne et Tourisme
- Région Franche-Comté (FR)
Direction Aménagement du Territoire
- Regione Lombardia (IT)
Direzione Generale Commercio, Turismo e Servizi
- Bayrisches Staatsministerium (DE)
für Wirtschaft, Infrastruktur, Verkehr und Technologie
- SIR (Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen) (AT)
- Amt der NÖ Landesregierung (AT)
Abteilung Raumordnung und Regionalpolitik
- Regionalni razvojni center (SI)
Koper Centro regionale di sviluppo Capodistria
- Ville de Lure (FR)
- DIRECCTE Rhône-Alpes (FR)
Direction Régionale des Entreprises, de la Concurrence, Consommation, Travail et Emploi

Pilot sites
- Lure & Neuville-sur-Saône (FR);
- Voghera & Darfo Boario Terme (IT);
- Garmisch-Partenkirchen (DE);
- PlusRegion, Bad Vöslau & Hollabrunn (AT);
- Koper (SI).

- Brochure progetto Innocitè


- The InnoCitè Alpine Space Project: Workshop N.5


- march - april 2011
- january - february 2011
- december 2010
- june 2010
- january 2010


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