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"IREALP general aim is to promote the technological and scientific research about economy and the natural environment, applied to alpine and mountain areas, to perform the transfer and dissemination of results and to foster the economic, cultural and social promotion of alpine and mountain areas, especially enhancing the different cultures and institutional entities that are active in the Alps and mountain area” (cf. article no. 2 IREALP Statute).

IREALP, a new vision of mountain areas
IREALP operates on mountain territories to promote their harmonious and sustainable development.
The foundation of the whole of IREALP activity is a new vision of mountains, not considered as a critical area, but one characterized by its own specificity, rich in potentials, which have not been fully deployed yet. IREALP considers mountains as a strategic area for the creation of a territorial workshop to implement the principles formulated by the European Union and is operating for a rethinking and a “re-planning” in the spirit of subsidiarity, towards an innovative, competitive, territorial model, characterized by a high level in the quality of life.

The mountain, alpine space according to IREALP
The alpine area is made up of territorial units featuring enormous differences in terms of traditions, morphological, environmental, social, cultural, economic, historical characteristics, and each of them stands out because of its own identity and distinctiveness. These units, though, are strongly interconnected, both at an international and regional level, within a system characterized by a fine balance. In IREALP view, mountain areas are a highly interrelated system, and it is necessary to be aware of its complexity to be able to understand it, thus grasping reality as a whole and considering the interactions among the different components.

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